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3 Tile Floor Installation Tips

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If you are getting ready to install floor tiles in a room of your home, you may need some help getting the job done correctly. Consider these 3 tips that will help the installation process go smoothly. Lay Diagonal Tiles With A Pyramid Installing tiles flush with one of the room’s walls will make it easy for you to ensure the tiles are even as you are installing them. What about if you want to place the tiles in a diagonal layout? Read More»

The Best Tile Floor For Your Kitchen Remodel: Stone Or Ceramic?

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So, you’re remodeling your kitchen and it’s time to pick a new flooring option. You know you want tile, but you’re trying to decide between stone and ceramic. The type of flooring you pick for your kitchen will depend on a variety of factors including the durability you need, the level of maintenance you’re looking for, the people who will be using the kitchen, and the appearance of your new kitchen. Read More»

6 Features To Consider When Choosing Wood Flooring

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Browsing through the showroom at your local flooring distributor can give you a good feel for things like the appearance of different types of wood floors, including species, grain patterns and finishes. While these things are certainly important, failing to pay attention to other wood flooring features can cause you to miss out on the extras, upgrades and options that help wood flooring work just right for your home. Keep these six features in mind as you shop to help you choose the perfect wood floor. Read More»

Three Tips For Choosing A Bathroom Ceramic Tile Configuration That Minimizes Potential Caulking Damage

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Ceramic tiles are a very popular material for bathroom floors because of their exceptional beauty and durability. However, no matter how strong the tiles are, their sides can still wear down and eventually come apart if the caulking around them is damaged. Therefore, utilizing these three tips for choosing a bathroom ceramic tile configuration that minimizes potential caulking damage is a very good idea. Make Sure That Your Toilet And Standalone Sink Won’t Rest On A Border Between Two Tiles Read More»

The How's And Why's Of Painting A Wood Floor That Has Cosmetic Damage

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Although many homeowners never even think to paint their wooden floors, this type of refinishing is highly economical and practical. In the case of floors that have extensive cosmetic damage, painting the wood can easily cover up scars and stains without necessitating expensive repairs. If you’re considering painting your wooden floors, read on to find out more. Why should you paint your wood floor? There are many benefits to painting a wood floor, especially one that has sustained a lot of cosmetic damage. Read More»

Important Reasons To Install Carpeting In Your Home

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Do you own your own home? Is your current flooring starting to look old and worn out? Putting new flooring in a room, or in your whole house, can drastically improve the looks and feel of your entire home. If you’re still considering flooring options, here are some reasons to go with carpet instead of other flooring materials: Warmth: Adding a layer of carpet to your floor can help keep your feet feeling much warmer in the winter. Read More»

How To Properly Clean Painted Hardwood Floors

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Painted hardwood floors provide a wider range of design options than their more traditional unpainted counterparts, providing a greater degree of customization to homeowners with the same durability. However, painted hardwood floors require different cleaning regimens in order to maintain their lustre. Understanding what to do and what to avoid when it comes to cleaning your painted hardwood floor can help you maintain your floor’s aesthetic and extend the lifespan of its paint job. Read More»

Got Kids? Here's How To Keep Your Carpet Clean

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If you have kids, you know how much havoc they can wreak on your carpeting. Even if your carpet is dark-colored or very durable, it can still show the signs of stains and wear in any household, especially if you have children in your home. Luckily, if you are willing to implement a few rules and strategies in your home, then you can make keeping your carpet clean a whole lot easier. Read More»