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Important Reasons To Install Carpeting In Your Home

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Do you own your own home? Is your current flooring starting to look old and worn out? Putting new flooring in a room, or in your whole house, can drastically improve the looks and feel of your entire home. If you're still considering flooring options, here are some reasons to go with carpet instead of other flooring materials:

Warmth: Adding a layer of carpet to your floor can help keep your feet feeling much warmer in the winter. Not only will your feet be insulated from the cold seeping up through the floor itself, the uneven surface of carpeting may help stop drafts better than a floor with a smooth surface. Blocking drafts of cold air could also save money on your utility bill. For maximum warmth and insulation, make sure to choose one with a long pile when you are looking at all the options available at your local carpet store.

Variety of colors: If you were to go with a wooden floor, your options would be limited mainly to shades of brown, beige and a few reds. While tile may have more color options than wood flooring, it may be difficult to track down enough of a particular tile in order to complete the task. Your local hardware store may only have a few cases of a certain tile, requiring you to special order the remainder. When you visit a carpet store, they'll have a much wider variety of colors and textures available for you to view. They may also have more than enough carpeting on hand for your needs so that no special order is required.

Eliminate potential hazards: If someone in your home spills water or other liquids onto a plain tile or wood floor, they've potentially created an instant fall hazard. If they are unable to clean it up before someone else walks on that spot, the second person could end up slipping and injuring themselves. If you have young children or an older parent who might accidentally drop liquids on the floor, ask your local carpet store employees about their stain-resistant carpeting. With modern stain-resistant carpeting, not only are your family and friends safe from potential spill hazards, spills are easier to clean up than ever before.

Blocks out sound: With tile or wood flooring, you may be able to hear every footstep in the house, no matter where you are located. When you are trying to sleep at night, you could get woken up by the sound of your dog's nails on the hard floor as it otherwise plays quietly with its toys. Adding carpeting can help to eliminate or block out many of these noises. For the best sound blocking, your local carpet store can help you pick out carpet padding that will help to eliminate even more extraneous noise.

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