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Epoxy Floor Coating Is Excellent For Your Medical Practice

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Flooring is one of the most important surfaces in a medical facility. From enhanced durability to safety, it’s critical to use the right type of flooring design. Have you considered epoxy? An epoxy coating on the floor can bring along many benefits that will only further enhance your medical practice. Increased Safety Slip and falls are a big concern in the medical environment. Whether it’s a substance on the floor or a patient that has mobility issues, making it easier for your staff and patients to navigate the building is important. Read More»

Essential Tips For Installing Hardwood Floors

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Are you in the process of remodeling your home, and planning to install new hardwood floors on your own? If so, it will help to follow these essential tips for success. Prepare Your Subfloor It is important that you properly prepare your subfloor before you lay your first piece of hardwood flooring on top of it. The subfloor should be free of dirt and debris, completely dry, and level. If you have dips in the floor, you can use self-leveling cement to even out those low spots. Read More»

Preparing Your Pets For Hardwood Floors, And Vice Versa

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Hardwood flooring is lovely, and as it ages, it takes on a well-worn sheen that shows how much people have made good use of the space. That is, until a dog shows up and scratches up the whole thing, right? Dogs can really affect hardwood floors, and if you want to install hardwood in part of your home, you may hear horror stories of how quickly the hardwood got scratched up. Read More»

3 Tips for Preparing Your Home for a Professional Carpet Cleaning Service

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If you have never had your carpeting professionally cleaned, you may not know what to expect. It’s important that you take some steps to prepare your home before the cleaners come. Here is what you need to know. Move Your Furniture The people coming to clean your carpet will do just that. Occasionally, a carpet cleaning service may offer to move your furniture for an extra fee, but most don’t offer this service as it is a potential liability they may not be insured for. Read More»