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Epoxy Floor Coating Is Excellent For Your Medical Practice

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Flooring is one of the most important surfaces in a medical facility. From enhanced durability to safety, it's critical to use the right type of flooring design. Have you considered epoxy? An epoxy coating on the floor can bring along many benefits that will only further enhance your medical practice.

Increased Safety

Slip and falls are a big concern in the medical environment. Whether it's a substance on the floor or a patient that has mobility issues, making it easier for your staff and patients to navigate the building is important. An epoxy coated floor has the same beautiful appeal as a freshly waxed or polished floor, but without the increased slipping risks. 

Given the makeup of the materials used to create the epoxy solution, floors treated with this solution typically have somewhat rigid surfaces. The roughness of the surface is not enough to make the floor unstable, but just enough to allow your shoes to grip the floor better. 

Enhanced Durability

A medical facility is an ever-evolving business. Patients might need to be moved by bed from one room to another or heavy equipment, such as an ultrasound machine, might need to be transferred from room to room. With some flooring, this frequent movement can lead to dents and other damage to the floor.

However, with epoxy, it's the opposite. The epoxy solution adds a layer of protection and durability onto the floor and keeps the floor protected no matter the traffic. Not only can this addition make the floors look better, but it helps save the company money on upkeep costs. 

Contamination Control

Your staff regularly does everything in their power to keep bodily fluids and other hazardous waste well maintained, but as with any medical facility, things will happen. An excellent thing about epoxy floor coatings is that they seal the floor and keep it from being porous. 

As a result, if something does spill on the floor, it's much easier to wipe the area clean without the fear of further contamination. As you work hard to serve your patients and ensure that your practice is compliant with local health code laws, this feature will make it much easier for you to accomplish these things. 

While flooring might not be the first thing on your agenda as you remodel or build your new medical practice, it's a topic you don't want to overlook. Contact a flooring professional to learn more about how an epoxy coating can benefit your business.