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3 Key Tips On Picking Luxury Items From The Carpet Dealers

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Are you looking to revamp your living room with new flooring? You can rarely go wrong with luxury carpet flooring.  A high-quality carpet feels soothing on the feet, offers good insulation, and makes a warm inviting ambiance. A unique luxury carpet adds sophistication and elegance to your living room that other flooring materials can't match. But many people find it hard to pick the right carpet. What do you look for the next time you are browsing items at the carpet dealers?

1. Type of Material 

Different carpet materials offer different advantages in durability, stain resistance, color keeping, and looks.

·      Wool – This natural material is an all-time favorite for luxury carpets. It is soft, warm, and elastic. Wool is great for all areas of the living room, including high-traffic areas. It can hide dust well so it requires regular cleaning to avoid allergies. 

·      Nylon-   This synthetic material is versatile in carpet making because of its durability. It makes dense, ultra-plush carpets. It is also easy to clean, though it shows dirt quickly. 

·      Acrylic – This material has long been used as a substitute for wool since they have almost the same qualities at a lower cost. It is stain-resistant and does not fade easily.  

2. Carpet Style

The way a carpet's fibers are stuck to the backing has a big impact on the look. You will see three main styles at  carpet dealers:

·      Loop Pile-   It is so-called because the loops are left as they are after weaving. The loops can be level or of different heights.  Loop pile carpets have a variety of patterns and are durable. However, tall loops  matte down as they age

·      Cut Pile –   This style describes carpets that have no loops; the loops are cut to give a more even appearance. These carpets feel plusher, making them popular for living spaces. But the fibers fray as they age

·      Cut Loop –  This style is a mix to make plush and soft carpets that are also dense and durable 

3. Quality of Construction 

You should be concerned about construction, especially for luxury hand-woven carpets. Ask the carpet dealers about the twist per inch because it determines the density of weaving, which is how closely knit the fibers are. Denser weaving gives higher durability but also higher weight. 

As a rule of thumb,  heavier carpets will also feel plusher because they have more fibers. Get as much information as you can on construction because these details are not often indicated on the carpet. 

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