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Three Tips For Choosing A Bathroom Ceramic Tile Configuration That Minimizes Potential Caulking Damage

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Ceramic tiles are a very popular material for bathroom floors because of their exceptional beauty and durability. However, no matter how strong the tiles are, their sides can still wear down and eventually come apart if the caulking around them is damaged. Therefore, utilizing these three tips for choosing a bathroom ceramic tile configuration that minimizes potential caulking damage is a very good idea.

Make Sure That Your Toilet And Standalone Sink Won't Rest On A Border Between Two Tiles

Even if you keep to a very rigorous sink and toilet cleaning schedule, some moisture will still descend their sides and reach the floor below. If this water is allowed to sit and accumulate on a strip of caulking for too long, parts of the caulking will come loose and the sides of your tiles will be exposed. 

Plan the placement of your toilet ahead of time and make sure that it won't directly stand on the border between two tiles. As long as your sink is a standalone model with a thin base and no cabinet space, you can do the same for it as you do with the toilet.

Set Shortened Tiles On The Side Of The Bathroom That Will Get The Most Water

Usually, you won't be able to find a tile size that can fit your bathroom floor exactly without the use of shortened tile flooring pieces. When you're deciding which edge of the bathroom floor to put the shortened tiles, it's a good idea to pick the side that will get the most water.

This is because you can get away with having a thicker and more unseemly caulking layer on a tile that's going to look out of place anyway. Water from a shower or another source will take longer to degrade and penetrate the nearest caulking strip, giving you more time to remember to wipe down the floor with a towel. Additionally, the shortened tiles will form a narrow but effective buffer zone between the water source and the nearest ordinary tile edges.

Give Extra Attention And Protection To The Dust And Bug Hot Spot Near The Door

The caulking near the door is especially vulnerable because it's going to be exposed to so much dust from foot traffic. Any bugs running around in your home are also very likely to traverse this small space.

To mitigate the dangers faced by caulking in this hot spot, align your tiles directly with the door so that two tiles won't come together right in the center of someone's walking path. You can also place a protective mat on the tiles. Whenever it collects too much dust, remove it and shake it over a garbage can.