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The Best Tile Floor For Your Kitchen Remodel: Stone Or Ceramic?

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So, you're remodeling your kitchen and it's time to pick a new flooring option. You know you want tile, but you're trying to decide between stone and ceramic. The type of flooring you pick for your kitchen will depend on a variety of factors including the durability you need, the level of maintenance you're looking for, the people who will be using the kitchen, and the appearance of your new kitchen. Knowing the pros and cons of stone and tile can help you pick the right type of flooring for you.

Stone Tile

Stone tile flooring is durable, timeless, and rugged. Visually, it's a perfect choice to use with any kitchen decor, from Mediterranean to modern, rustic to vintage. It's warm in appearance, with irregular shapes and color variations to be found in each piece. Take a look at some of the advantages:

  • It can chip, but it's the same color all the way down, and therefore imperfections aren't very noticeable.
  • Stone is relatively easy to clean with natural cleaning products. It needs to be dry mopped regularly and cleaned with mild detergent on a weekly basis.
  • Stone tile is very popular among home buyers and homeowners. For people hoping to sell their homes soon, stone tile can be an advantage and may help boost property values.
  • The irregular shape and textures of this tile can make this flooring more non-slip, making it a good option for homes with seniors and small children. It's also a good option in homes where spills are frequent.

The downside is that stone tile can be an expensive option. Still, its durability and texture makes it a good choice for homes with small children, while its versatile look makes it an excellent choice for anyone hoping to sell his or her home in the near future.

Ceramic Tile

Like stone, ceramic tile comes in a range of colors to match all different kitchen color schemes. It's also less expensive than stone tile. Take a look at some of the advantages:

  • Ceramic tile is even easier to maintain than natural stone tile. While acidic cleaners can etch and ruin stone tile, ceramic tile can be washed with nearly any type of cleaning product.
  • Ceramic works well with modern decor as well as vintage style kitchen remodels.

Ceramic tile is one of the best options for homeowners on a budget hoping to remodel inexpensively. However, ceramic tile has a couple of disadvantages that should be considered. Namely, ceramic tile is slippery when wet, so it could be a danger to the elderly or very small children. Also, chips can be very obvious in a broken tile because the tiles aren't usually the same color all the way through. If you don't use your kitchen very heavily and want to control your remodel costs, ceramic tile is the right option for you.

For more information about these two materials, talk with a professional, like Diamond Contract Flooring LLC. He or she can help guide you if you're still looking for answers and advice.