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5 Rooms To Install Vinyl Flooring In

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Your floors can be a big part of the ambiance and style in your home, and the type of flooring you choose can have an impact on daily chores like sweeping and mopping. Vinyl flooring can have several advantages, such as easy cleaning. Here are some of the rooms you should consider installing vinyl flooring in.

1. Kitchen

Vinyl flooring can be more water-resistant than wood or laminate, so it's a great choice for the kitchen. And cleanup is extremely easy; all you have to do is wipe it with water or a gentle soap solution. In fact, stronger cleaners and abrasives aren't recommended on vinyl flooring, so you don't have to spend time scrubbing or bleaching it.

2. Entryway or mudroom

Your entryway or mudroom is an area that can have a lot of tracked-in mud and hard wear to the floor because of heavy traffic levels. Vinyl flooring can work well in this area because it's easy to wipe clean, can take repeated cleanings with water, and is quite durable as well, so it won't wear out quickly when exposed to a lot of foot traffic.

3. Bathroom

Between bathtub splashes and steam from the shower, your bathroom can be a very damp place. Vinyl flooring can not only resist water but also avoid mold and mildew problems, which is an important asset in a bathroom. In addition, vinyl can come in a variety of colors and patterns to choose from, so you can coordinate your floor with your bathroom's color scheme and theme.

4. Basement 

Since vinyl is moisture-resistant, it can make a great flooring option for a basement living area. Even if you have a vapor barrier in place, your basement is the lowest point in your house, so it's the most likely to take on moisture if your area experiences flooding conditions. So a moisture-resistant flooring is important.

Vinyl flooring is also ideal for basement situations because it can easily install over concrete, and doesn't feel as cold underfoot as other water-resistant floorings like tile.

5. Playroom

When choosing a flooring for the kids' playroom, you'll want to look for something that will hold up to spills and messes. In addition, choosing an easy cleanup material such as vinyl means you'll spend less time cleaning and have more time to spend on family activities.

These are just a few different rooms where a vinyl flooring product can be an ideal addition to your floor. Talk to your flooring contractor about which vinyl floor is the best for your project, or reach out to a local company that offers vinyl flooring, like KC Marble & Tile.