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Cork Or Bamboo Flooring: Where To Put These Unique Floors In Your Home

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Did you know that cork and bamboo aren't just good for wine bottles or lucky plants? Both of these natural materials have something in common: they can be used as flooring in the home. Both are natural and sustainable and provide beautiful, useful flooring in the home. The key lies in using these unique flooring options in the right rooms. Learn more about both cork and bamboo flooring so you know where to use them.


Cork is a great option for flooring in rooms that have high moisture content. Areas like the bathroom, kitchen, laundry room, or in a utility closet with a water heater are spaces where you can place cork flooring. In addition, cork is also able to absorb energy and is soft to the touch with a pleasant yielding give. As such, use this flooring in rooms where added support and comfort in flooring might be desired. Consider putting cork in a playroom, nursery, or even the garage. When using cork for your home, use environmentally-friendly sources that are free of chemicals used to treat the material.


Bamboo is a reed and not a wood, but it installs similar to hardwood and is a readily renewable source for flooring. Your flooring supplier can show you several styles and patterns of trendy floors available in bamboo so that you can make the most of your economically friendly renovations.

You can use bamboo in nearly any room of the house, from the living room to the dining room to private bedrooms. When installing bamboo in your home, be wary of putting this type of flooring in rooms that are prone to moisture, including the basement. For these rooms, you'll want to stick to cork flooring as mentioned above, or another type of flooring that is resistant to moisture.

Both bamboo and cork flooring options require some maintenance to keep them in their top form, especially if they are being installed in high traffic areas. While you can install bamboo or cork flooring tiles or planks on your own, it's best to hire a professional to do this work for you. This way, you can be better assured the installations are done correctly, warranties are kept in place, and you can have the best results.

If you take care of your home's new flooring, it can last a long time. Cork and bamboo are unique flooring styles that you can consider buying from your flooring supplier. Contact a flooring supplier for more information.