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Ideas For Homeowners Looking To Replace Their Old Wood Floors

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Old wood floors can eventually become an eyesore. If you have old wood floors in your home and you are tired of hiring professionals to come in and refinish them every few years, then maybe it is time to replace them.

There are many options available for the person looking to replace their old wood floors. This article will cover three different options available to the typical homeowners. In addition to wood flooring, the article will cover non-wood options as well. 

Wall to Wall Carpeting for Bedrooms

If you have grown tired of wood flooring and want to replace it with something else, then consider wall to wall carpeting. This is great for rooms such as the bedroom where you are likely to be walking around barefoot. However, it's not a great idea for rooms such as the living room where people might walk around with shoes.

If you are going to lay wall to wall carpet, make sure to consider using underlayment. This helps to make the carpeting softer and also helps dampen noise between floors.

Consider Tile Flooring for High Traffic Kitchens

In kitchens, you might want to consider using tile when replacing your old wooden flooring. Tile is a great option because it is super easy to clean and also very durable. You can opt for ceramic tile or terracotta tile.

The upside to using tiles in your kitchen is that they are easier to clean than a hardwood floor. You can use harsh soaps and detergents that would strip away the finish on a hardwood floor. This is why tile is a preferred method in any room where water and dampness is an issue.

Save Money By Using Engineered Hardwood Flooring

Of course, most people who have old hardwood floors would like to replace them with new hardwood floors. The main issue with that process is that hardwood flooring can be expensive. However, there is a rather simple solution.

If you were to look into engineered hardwood flooring you would see that it is a much more affordable option to go with.  Engineered wood is incredibly affordable and it mimics the look of genuine hardwood.

The other added benefit to using engineered hardwood is that it is easier to install. This means there is less cost to hire professional installers. Additionally, unlike natural wood, engineered wood is less likely to shrink and become negatively affected by moisture in the same way that natural hardwood will.