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Love Tile? 3 Areas You Should Put It In Your Home

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If you love tile and want to renovate your flooring, you might be thinking about putting it throughout your home. While you may want soft carpeting in bedrooms and main living areas, tile can be the perfect addition to many areas throughout your place. Here are three areas you should consider putting tile in your home, and how it could help you in the long run. 

1. Bathrooms

The right tile pattern in your bathroom can really make your space pop. From beautiful black and white checks to beautiful Spanish tiles painted with bright colors, bathrooms can really become beautiful personal retreats with the right attention to detail. 

As you think about adding tile to your bathroom, consider which colors and patterns would mesh well with your home's overall aesthetic. Try to select something that works well with your overall design scheme, but that is subtle enough to blend in well if you decide to change your decor down the road. 

2. Laundry Rooms

Laundry rooms are prone to spills and splashes, which is why tile works so well in these spaces. When you select tiling for a laundry area, try to find a tile that is designed with a touch of texture to prevent slip and fall incidents. 

While function is important in laundry areas, it is important to remember that form also matters. Try to choose a tile that is attractive enough to make you want to be in your laundry room and one that will be easy to clean. Patterned tile, such as tiles with black and white floral designs, work great in laundry areas since they can make a bland room interesting and fun. 

3. Mudrooms

Mudrooms are areas in your home that can take quite a bit of abuse over the years. Mudrooms are where family members toss shoes, clothes, and backpacks, which is why the right tile can be helpful. Try to pick a durable tile for a mudroom, since this space may be the first place family members take off sports equipment, cleats, and drop heavy items when they come inside. As you select the tile for mudrooms, look for varieties that are made to last. Check client reviews to see if others have had issues with scratching, chips, or fractures. 

Anytime you are thinking about putting in new flooring, focus on working with professionals who have experience removing old flooring and putting in new materials. As you interview potential contractors, talk with them about your personal timeline, and ask them how their experience will bring value to your project. 

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