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The Pros And Cons Of Acid Brick Flooring For Your Kitchen

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If you're designing a modern kitchen with a rustic, post-industrial look, acid brick flooring is a great choice. Brick adds texture and color to the space and provides a nice contrast to the steel and cinderblocks often used in these kitchens. However, there are some small shortcomings of acid brick, too. Consider both sides before having acid brick flooring installed.

Pro: The brick is very durable.

While standard brick can get a little crumbly, acid brick has been treated with a special acidic substance to make it really hard and crumble-proof. You don't have to worry about the floor denting or chipping if someone drops a dish, a whetstone, or some other kitchen item on it. The floor will also withstand all of the foot traffic that a busy kitchen gets. The kids can tromp through every hour in the summer without leaving scuffs or footprints.

Con: The surface is tough to clean.

Brick is, by nature, not smooth. Even the acid treatment does not make the surface smooth. Food particles can get caught in those little divots and nooks. To remove them, you may have to vacuum the floor or get out a rough broom and give the floor an aggressive sweep. If you want a floor that only takes 5 minutes per week to clean, acid brick may not be the best choice for you.

Pro: The floor can be repaired as needed.

Many types of floors are impossible to repair without replacing the whole thing. This is true, for example, of sheet vinyl flooring. Brick flooring, on the other hand, can be repaired piece by piece as needed. If one brick becomes damaged, you can have just that one brick replaced. If one grout joint gets crumbly, you can have a bricklayer just replace the grout in that area. The ability to repair a brick floor easily can save you time and money over the years.

Con: The floor can feel rough under your feet.

When you stand in the kitchen cooking for hours on end, you probably prefer a smooth surface. Brick is a bit rough and bumpy, which makes it harder to stand on for long periods. You may have to put down padded mats in the areas where you stand most often to prevent leg and food strain.

If you don't mind putting down mats and doing a little more cleaning, acid brick can make the perfect kitchen floor material.

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