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Are You Selecting Flooring For Your New House?

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Establishing the kind of flooring you want for your new house will be one of the ways you create the feeling you want in each room. Are you still in the selection process? In that case, you've come to the right place to get good suggestions for the flooring you'll have in each room.

One of the things you need to consider is the care your floors will need. For instance, if you have pets who sometimes forget their bathroom manners, or if you have children who will more than likely spill drinks and make other messes, carpet might not be the best choice for your floor treatments. With that in mind, focus on hardwood floor installation or tile floor installation.

Hardwood Floor Installation - There are so many beautiful hardwood floors that you might have trouble selecting only one. Consider the mood you want to establish in each room and select hardwood flooring that will help to deliver that mood.

  • Maybe you want a very modern feeling in one of your rooms. In that case, think of going with hardwood flooring that has different shades of gray.
  • For a traditional theme, Acacia wood is a very good choice.
  • Consider matte Brazilian pecan engineered wood floors for a very unique look.
  • If you are wanting a dramatic look, think of going with ebony stained hardwood floors.
  • Will any of your rooms have a rustic feeling to them? If so, think of choosing reclaimed wood for those rooms.

The great thing about hardwood floors is that they will be very easy for you to maintain. Simply use a dust mop on them when you dust your wooden furniture. There might be times when your hardwood floors need extra attention. In that case, use a gentle cleanser that doesn't need to be rinsed. Periodically use polish that is especially designed for hardwood floors.

Tile Flooring Installation - Even though hardwood floors are gorgeous, you might want to choose tile for the bathrooms and the kitchen. As you select the tile, think of the feeling you want in those rooms. 

  • For instance, if you want a bright and cheery kitchen, yellow tile would be a good choice. 
  • For a rustic feeling in your kitchen, Saltillo tile would be really attractive.
  • Do you want a very elegant master bathroom? If so, Italian marble tiles would be perfect.
  • If you have children, think of letting them help you choose the tiles for their bathroom.

Tile is super easy to care for. Just mop it and it's good to go. For extra care, think of using a very small amount of powder detergent in the mop water.