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3 Reasons To Reconsider Carpet

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Tile, hardwood, and laminate are what often comes to mind for many people when choosing flooring. These options can offer up versatility, functionality, and elegance. However, there are other options for flooring in the home. Carpet flooring is often overlooked as an option since many homeowners view it as outdated and something to be regulated to bedrooms if it is used at all. However, there are plenty of ways to get a modern look with carpet. Here are three reasons why carpeting may be a good flooring choice throughout the home.

Warm Looking And Energy Saving

The warmth that carpet exudes is one of its biggest draws. Unlike tile and wood, carpet also has the added benefit of feeling comfortable on the feet when temperatures begin to drop. Not only does carpet feel warm, it can actually help keep the home warmer as well. Carpet provides better insulation than many other flooring types. The R-value of a material is an indicator of how well a material insulates. The R-values of carpet are often more than twice a high as the R-values of other flooring materials. Add in carpet padding, which is also a great insulator, and carpet becomes a great way to improve the efficiency of the home and to provide energy savings.

Low Cost

Carpet's lower cost is another reason to take a second look at this type of flooring. The average cost for carpeting is between $745 and $2,326 with options such as wool costing more than polyester or nylon. Even higher end carpeting is often less expensive than options like wood flooring. Wood flooring costs on average anywhere from $2,582 to $6,446. Tile is closer in price to carpet but averages a little higher at between $907 and $2,467.

Large Variety Of Options

Another reason to reconsider carpet is that it is incredibly versatile and comes in countless patterns, colors, and textures. The two most common types of carpet are loop pile and cut pile. The fiber ends are cut evenly in cut pile carpeting while the yarns are looped and fastened to the backing in looped pile carpeting. Looped and cut pile carpeting can be combined to create patterns. The versatility in terms of fiber length, pile, color, size, and pattern means that finding carpet flooring to match a home's style is easier than many homeowners realize.

Carpeting is not the first choice for many homeowners, however it's worth a look. Carpet is energy saving, low cost, and comes in a variety of options. It's one of the most versatile flooring options available.